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A long-term sales strategy is vital to remain competitive.



Social media is a driving force that impacts the Hospitality Industry.



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Boost your Room Revenues with our Extended Stay Sales Strategies

Our extended stay sales strategies can increase your room revenue, raise your ADR and lower your cost!

Extended stay travel is apart of the select service hotel sector, which offers the following benefits:

• The one of the fastest growing sector of the hospitality industry
• A predictor of Hotel Industry Trends
• Reduces cost and increases profits
• Significantly underserved

A long-term sales strategy is vital to remain competitive as extended stay travel evolves with a growing economic impact. specialized in long-term stays and we have customized consulting services and solutions for your hotel(s) or organization.


Boost Your Hotel Revenue with our Sales Strategy

We can develop a customized 7 nights plus sales strategy for your individual property, hotel portfolio, convention & visitors bureau or hospitality organization. We will work harmoniously with your Sales Leaders and Revenue Management to review the nuts and bolts for the extended stay travel industry; how long term customer shop for hotels, how they make hotel decisions and how they book hotels to develop a strategy to attract them to your property. We also rely on local and regional market knowledge along with your hotel data to create a customized strategy.


Once the strategy is implemented we work on a weekly bases with assigned staff to review your hotel production and pace to make any adjustments for successful campaign. To learn more about other consulting service we offer, visit


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